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We do not care about your personal credit. Even if you’ve been in business for less than a year, you can be approved at Speedy!

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Click “Get Pre-Approved” to be pre-approved in less than 90 seconds and without a credit check. No one pre-approves merchants faster!

All Business Types

Unlike most lenders offering business loans today, we provide business loans and merchant cash advances to all business types!

Fast Funding

We can fund same day with the merchant’s cooperation but our average funding time is 48 hours. Don’t wait 7-10 days with others!

Our Goal

Our goal at Speedy Business Funding is to help as many U.S. based businesses as we can with the capital they need to grow their business regardless of their credit history, lack of collateral or duration in business. We strive to make this process as fast, flexible, and convenient as possible with a focus on seamlessly meeting your unique needs. We believe in your success.

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What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A Merchant Cash Advance is a financial funding option for your business based on a percentage of your future sales. It can be used for a variety of business needs, but often companies will use our service when they believe that the advance can offer expanded future sales that outweigh the cost of the advance. Advances are generally processed quicker than traditional loans and allow the merchant greater flexibility in payment, as the amount corresponds with the amount sales. Because we look at the underlying performance of the business itself and not your credit score, a MCA loan is great for company’s that may not qualify for a traditional loan.

Term Loans / Lines of Credit

With Speedy Business Funding business term loans the merchant must have better credit to qualify unlike a business cash advance. Term loans offer simple interest fixed rates as low as 8.9% but the actual rate will depend on many factors. Term loans can be funded within a few days up to 2 weeks. For a line of credit (LOC) the merchant can’t have a lot of recent derogatory credit to qualify but we can approve a merchant in just a few minutes online for certain industry types and in some cases we can have the merchants credit line available at the same time or right after approval.

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*Guaranteed approval for Merchant Cash Advance only not for term loans or line of credit. pre-approval means you meet the basic criteria for a business loan or merchant cash advance with Speedy Business Funding . The answers to your questions with the pre-approval process must be verified by the documents we request such as bank statements, merchant statements and verbal verifications, etc. for the actual approval to be issued a long with the terms of the loan. Funding time including the same day is for certain programs only and is dependent on the merchant cooperating and sending the proper documents in to Speedy Business Funding to close the loan. In most cases the merchant will be responsible for how fast the business loan closes and how fast their business checking account is funded. Speedy Business Funding reserves the right to change or modify their pre-approval criteria or business loan or cash advance criteria at any time along with any other data or information listed on this site and some exceptions could be possible. Guaranteed approval regardless of your personal credit score means there is no minimum credit score to be approved but other credit factors can cause a decline: example, can not be currently in an open bankruptcy. Ask a rep for complete program details and see terms and conditions for more information.